Zion Narrows in Winter

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p1010831-web p1010856-webAs my children grew up we took several trips through the Zion Narrows in summer to introduce them to the wonder of that canyon and the joys of walking through water. Of course it was not a “wilderness experience” as many other visitors to the park relished the experience too.

Recently my wife and I decided to visit in January and got to see the Narrows in very peaceful conditions. We rented dry suits and warm footwear and quickly found ourselves marveling at the frozen water adorning the sides of the canyons, the vegetation encrusted with ice and the solitude on the Narrow in winter. As we headed down the canyon we met the one other couple we saw all day, so this was a unique opportunity for wilderness solitude in a place that is usually a recreation area for many people.

Ian & Ginger