We are volunteers. We are outdoors people. We are campers and hikers and anglers and climbers and hunters and bikers and artists and writers.  We are volunteers and we love our public lands.

jefe Jeff Clay. One of my fondest early memories was of my father taking me camping in the mid-60’s. We would load up his beloved copper-colored ’67 Barracuda with all of our camping gear and off we go to discover the volcanoes of Lassen, the giant trees of Sequoia, the towering mountains of King’s Canyon and the awe-inspiring vistas of Yosemite. Fast forward through the decades and despite the various chair-and-cubical  careers I have had — chemistry, information systems, project management — my love for and support of our public lands has never waned. Currently I spend much of my time photographing these wild lands and other places as well.


Nathan Gilbert Nathan Gilbert. I am volunteer at the Utah Chapter of Sierra Club helping to keep our Twitter feed and Instagram page lively among other things. I take advatange of Salt Lake City’s close proximity to a variety of public lands as often as my job as a Software Engineer allows. I am particularlly fond of National Forests — from the Daniel Boone to the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache.


Lawson LeGate Lawson LeGate. I am a Utah Chapter volunteer whose key interests are in grassroots organizing and protecting our public lands.  I was a Sierra Club staff member for 25 years, serving in the Organizing Department.